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About the Shop

City Folk’s Farm Shop was created to connect city-dwellers to goods, services, information and other people who are interested in city farming. We carry backyard animal feeds and equipment, gardening tools and supplies, homesteading products, and local foods. Whether you are growing tomatoes on your patio or have a city plot farm complete with vegetables, bees, and chickens, we have what you need.

We also offer education opportunities including classes, in-store information, and connection to other community members who have expertise that may be of interest to you.

We created City Folk's Farm Shop for you: our neighbor around the corner who is making an effort to grow food and live cleaner, while being a responsible consumer. If there is a tool or service you need to make your growing better, let us know.

We hope you find the store, and us, to be a fun, educational, and helpful partner. 

Spring/Summer HOURS

March 1st -  August 31st

Closed Mondays

Tuesday - Thursday     10am — 6 pm

Friday - Saturday          10am  — 5 pm

Sunday                  ​         Noon  — 4 pm

Fall/Winter HOURS

October 1st - February 31st

Closed Mondays

Tuesday - Thursday    Noon — 6 pm

Friday - Saturday        Noon  — 5 pm

Sunday                         ​Noon  — 4 pm

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